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Waxing Salon Rin provides efficient service that specializes in safe and sanitary hair removal.

I’m Yu-ki , is a new owner of Waxing Salon Rin. This salon has been open since 2014.

I got this salon from former owner in 2020. I offer full body waxing from face to legs, and back.

I use natural waxing products from Canada. Known throughout the world for their high standards and exceptional results. I also use soft wax (strip wax) for sanitary and safety reasons at my salon.

Having unsightly hair removed at Waxing Salon Rin is not only quick and easy, but also professional, comfortable and and sanitary. Waxing services are done in a quiet, relaxing and private salon. As hair is repeatedly removed from waxing, the regrowth becomes softer, lighter and finer. This process results in fewer appointments over an extended period of time.

To make a reservation, please contact by phone or e-mail (waxingrin.yuuki@gmail.com).
I have one hour for each client to serve. Please arrive no later than 20 minutes after your scheduled appointment.


Waxing Salon 凛


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